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First, What About You?


So you run a blooming business—be it online or brick and mortar—that’s thrilled to serve your customers and intent on doing it awesomely. You’re probably already doing some pretty smart digital-business-y things, like:

  • Content—Routinely serving up quality content to your customer & prospects (via blog posts, emails, maybe a podcast)…
  • Branding—Making sure these things do a great job representing your company’s vision, values, personality and brand solidly…
  • Connecting—Cultivating relationships with your market via a leading e-mail marketing and sales platform (like Infusionsoft)
  • Commerce—Using this top-shelf automation software to capture leads, manage the sales process, handle e-commerce, etc.
  • Sweating—Probably struggling somewhat to masterfully dial-in & deploy these things with consistency and quality (cause you’re so busy growing an awesome business!)

Amiright? OK…

Now Us?

  • See Above—All those big, important things you do? …we do them too, for businesses like yours.
  • Wizards—Think of us like “the man behind the curtain” in the Wizard of Oz, behind the scenes turning all those fancy gears and levers.
  • Easy Button—We make it suuuuuper simple for people like you who just need someone awesomely handling those things for you, based on your brand, your rules, in a smart, hands-off kind of way.
  • And a Rarity—Our in-house team of professional writers, creative architects and skilled technicians approach things with the whole picture in mind. Meaning…
  • Holistically—We have a “biz owner/exec” mindset, and take the whole puzzle into consideration, not just a particular piece.

Meet Your Ninja Sumo HERO

“Ninjas” and “Sumos” seem a bit overused these days. Think of us as the hero who’s always got your back—behind the scenes awesomely crafting and handling content needs for people and businesses like you…

…people who typically just don’t have (i) time, (ii) mental bandwidth, (iii) experience or (iv) the internal team to masterfully handle it all.

Hero Services

Content Hero

Got content?

Something to share with a group of folks who actually cares and wants to hear from you? Maybe through any number of fun channels like:

Publicly via…

  • regular blog posts
  • routine podcasts
  • periodic coaching/training (webinars or teleseminars)
Privately via…
  • members-area website content
  • members-only content emails
  • members-only videos/audios
The problem is, there’s only so much time in the day and so much of you to go around, right? So of course, creating a process, systematizing it, then handing it off to someone else seems like only the right thing to do.

Option 1: Hand it all off to someone else on your team.

Only thing is, pulling someone else on your team into this just diffuses their focus and puts something else pretty big on their probably-already-full plate. Plus, something else you have to manage and teach them how to do, so things don’t come off all amateurish. Bleh.

Option 2: Hire someone new in-house (maybe a VA or something)

Good to have someone who can just focus on the nuances of creating, refining and delivering your content. But talk about a learning curve! And there’s no way around this just being someone else who’s training and tasks you (or someone else on your team) now have to personally manage. Gag.

Option 3: Use the Content Hero.

That’s us. Since 2012 we’ve been the “easy button” making it suuuuuper simple for people like you who just need someone awesomely handling those things for you, based on your brand, your rules, in a smart, hands-off kind of way.

So whether it’s:

  • Repurposing your old material into something fresh…
  • Taking your raw recordings/ideas and polishing them into something proudly sharable…
  • Hands-off production of your podcast or webinar or teleseminar, etc…
  • Or extracting the good stuff, then repurposing it into something else…
  • And lots of other stuff…
There’s just too many ways to skin this cat—and it all depends on what you need.

Bottom line, we can be the “Easy Button” serving up quality content to your customer & prospects (via blog posts, emails, podcasts, coaching webinars, teleseminars, etc), and our in-house team of professional writers are gifted in making sure these things do a great job solidly representing your vision, values, personality and brand.

Interested? Reach out to discuss the details of what you need…

Podcast Hero

Here’s What’s Obvious Today:

One of the most effective ways to connect with your people (fans & followers), amplify your voice, enhance your credibility, and cultivate community is by hosting a podcast. Hands-down.

What’s Not So Obvious:

Producing a podcast is WORK. Not so much the actual recording of your thoughts, ideas and/or interviews (depending on your style)… but it’s AFTER hitting the stop button…that’s where it starts feeling a little like drudge work, doesn’t it?

  • Editing/tweaking your recording (removing uncomfortable pauses or interruptions, adding an intro/outro, "sponsored by" breaks, audible segways, etc.)
  • Saving & uploading your final media for that episode (to Libsyn or something similar)
  • Writing good show notes that set the stage (for that episode specifically), make it seem interesting, dangle a few "carrots", hand-off well to the podcast, then chase that with a solid outro message.
  • Crafting a high-quality Featured Image (for that specific episode) that's creative, congruent with your brand, looks great, and doesn't just 'rinse & repeat' the same basic graphic or concept.
  • Social queues (like "Tweet this" pull quotes)
  • Maybe embedding a transcription (SEO value)
  • Other "i"s & "t"s you want dotted/crossed that matter to you.
  • And finally uploading, tweaking, saving and scheduling it all on your website, queued up based on your podcast routine.


That was a lot of work just for me to type! And these "creative nuances" are the top reason why most podcasts start off strong...then slow down...then fizzle out completely. It's all the other stuff after you get done with the recording.

And that's exactly why Podcast Hero exists—to be the "Easy Button" for podcasters.

So you can just show up, focus only on doing what you do so well (recording your usual raw awesomeness), and we solidly handle the rest for you. Meaning, all the essential-but-still-kinda-drudgery-work type ingredients I just laid out above... our Podcast Heroes eat that for lunch behind the scenes for you.

So you hand us your raw audio/video... then you turn around and have it all boiled down, polished and published for you, exactly in line with your brand and your voice. We've been the "Easy Button" quietly doing this for podcasters behind the scenes since 2012.

Want to see if we're a good fit for helping you make your podcast easier and awesomer? Reach out and talk to us..

Infusionsoft Hero

One of the "biggest and best" and most powerful CRMs for Digital Marketing today is Infusionsoft. It's the engine and driving force for automating some of the most critical systems for any digital marketing enterprise depends on, from email marketing campaigns and autoresponders, to sales funnels to customer management, payments and billing.

Only, Infusionsoft has a BIG learning curve. It's like this deluxe, supercharged engine that most people only understand a fraction of how to tap into and use effectively.

Enter Infusion Hero.

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, we're the strategic ally that can help you (i) understand how to fully tap into and leverage Infusionsoft for your specific business, and (ii) really get it dialed in for you.

Disclaimer: You can go on Upwork and find hundreds of good technicians who can do Infusion work for you. If that's what you need (a solid technician), then that's a good, cheap place to start.

People who need an Infusion Hero need more than just the assistance of a technician who can deploy tasks...but a strategic ally who thinks at a higher level, is able to kick ideas around with you, give good, insightful input and best practices, and act as... well, an "Easy Button" (have I said that already? 😉

Our Infusion Hero is one part Infusionsoft Technician and one part trusted ally to collaborate, brainstorm, refine and deploy your business-buiding systems and campaigns.

Think an Infusion Hero might be right for you? Reach out and have a conversation with us about it...

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